Hands & Feet

These lovely products really do make the most of natural nails. Weak, brittle and dry nails
can all turn to beautiful strong healthy nails, with regular use of these products.


Paint – £8.00

File And Paint – £15.00

Manicure Without Varnish – £18.00

Standard Manicure – £20.00

Luxury Manicure – £25.00

French Polish Manicure – £23.00

Shellac CND – £20.00
UV Technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels.
Easy on, easy off, no 
filing or drills! Providing long lasting colour,
available for finger or toe nails.


Spa pedicures are CND’s range of luxury pedicure products. Feet will feel softer and totally pampered.

Spa Pedicure 1hr+ – £25.00
Feet are soaked, exfoliated, massaged and pampered with hot bootees. Toenails are cut,
filed and then varnished. (You need to allow time to dry, and bring sandals to go home in).

Spa Pedicure Without Varnish – £23.00
All treatment as above.